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Good day to you from Stretch & Strength!  

Welcome to this ever growing COREctive Exercise community where clients come back for progress not pain.  A safe place for those ready to play FULL OUT and go pro but need to improve exercise performance and core training.   

Who better to teach you how to move well than a vetran professional dancer like myself.

My name is Josette Curry, founder of Chrysalis In Home Training, dedicated to to REAL Stretch & Strength RESULTS. I am overly enthusiastic about helping people stay in the activities they enjoy, without the discomforts that can come from a life well lived!

For over 20 years I've loved creating custom designed stretch and strength programs that balance and tone the body, calm and rest the mind and energize and lift the spirit!

It is my passion and mission in life to help you keep moving well, so you can continue doing activities you enjoy but without strain or discomfort.

Coming out of an injury myself this past spring, I know the challenges and the pain! The difference with me rehabbing at home is I have the knowledge and experience to succeed at it, but what about you?

After 23 years as a qualified exercise specialist, and 15 years as a professional dancer, you can rest assured and expect speedy results. WINS are rewarded from the 'exercise time' put in.

With my unique DEEP CORE Traininstrategy you'll ultimately learn that YOUR DESIRED RESULTS are not as far out of your reach (comfort zone) as you thought!

To your continued progress in the physical activities you enjoy to do freely, not blindly!


What members are ACTUALLY saying...

Vetran Yoga Instructor:

"After one class it was so obvious to me that I had landed in the perfect place for my body. It is kind of unbelievable to me how good I feel." - Cathy (Yoga Instructor)

Raquet Sports Athlete: 

"I have been a fan of Josette's prescription for fitness and wellness for years. She adapts my workouts to address and relieve injury, but also works with me towards a more balanced, whole approach to everyday health. Her 'Stretch & Strength' sessions may appear gentle, almost Yogic in nature, but they are both challenging and restorative for athletes of all kinds."

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Our Tribe:  Exercise enthusiasts who eat, move, and sleep to be healthy!
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