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The Six Steps

The Six CHEK Steps to Detoxing...


These Six Steps I have found to be the most basic and natural steps to having a healthy and happy life. They are simple and effective if done consistently, but turning them into a lifelong lifestyle habit can be challenging but with some patience, persistence and a little encouragement from YOU you CAN achieve your dream lifestyle goals.

Changing how we view the world is the goal and from my experience changing the view starts with giving your body what it needs first not last! YOUR attention on YOU first and foremost is how these Six Steps become easy breezy habits. Why? Because from my experience they are life changing! Life saving!  

There is NO RUSH. When cleaning up the BODY and LIFESTYLE slow and steady WINS THE RACE. Rushing through them at first for me was self sabotage. Hopeless really, and depressing. 

 A SAFE and reasonably COMFORTABLE detox ride and long term lifestyle change needs your patience, empathy and compassion for YOURSELF.  I recommend starting one step at a time, adding a new step every two months or when you've got the step you are working on down pat.  

Remember healthy people are healthy because they do what unhealthy people do not! Most REAL health nuts out there do the following steps very WELL and if you look closely, they have their lives in order. And it didn't take them just January to get there.  

  1. WATER:  Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water a day is a natural detox. Increase it slowly to build an effortless habit. Then add more. This also can help avoid a detox crisis, overloading the immune system making you vulnerable to colds and flus.  Clean, mineralized water (pinch of sea salt) is more absorbable and usable for the body. Click here to learn more on this step. Your detox begins here...go for it! 
  2. SLEEP:  10:30 pm - 6:30 am - Down with the sun, up with the sun. Proper, restful sleep makes for healthy hormones and healthy hormones make healthy humans! Sleep is our number one health physician. Book an appointment with it and keep it! 

  3. NUTRITION:  We are what we eat, so eat wise! Going Organic, local and fresh is always best. Practicing mindfulness around the six energy drainers (pasteurized dairy, wheat/gluten foods, white sugar, white salt, caffeine and alcohol) frees up your energy for activities you'd like to incorporate into your life. 

  4. MOVEMENT: Go Stretch and Strength! Squat, lunge, bend, twist, push, pull and balance. These are the seven primal pattern movements the body has evolved to make. When done correctly, they use and strengthen your core. According to The C.H.E.K. Institute - a world leader in holistic health - movement is medicine and a natural detox for your lymphatic system (glands) - the sewage pipes of the body.  Put the garbage out! 

  5. BREATHE: Oxygen is energy. Energy is SURVIVAL! Breathing cultivates life force and balances the pH levels of the blood. During times of high stress, the breath can be the wind in your sails. Taking just five minutes a day to do nothing but breathe can make all the difference in your world! Did you know that the mitochondria that live in your muscles use oxygen as food? Yup. Breathe!  

  6. MIND MANAGEMENT:  We are our habits, thoughts and beliefs. What do you believe? Are they your beliefs your someone elses? Our thoughts can be energy drainers or energy contributors to a life of well being or disease. Fortunately, with a little practice (okay, alot!), we can change them and evolve. 

Remember to practice these Steps with patience and persistence and give yourself a pat on the back (or a treat) for committing to your health! Just 1% better each day makes for 100% better in 100 days. Give it a go. Use a calendar to help motivated you daily.  

Find out more about C.H.E.K. here