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Loving Testimonials


Ian Urquhart

Former Editor and Columnist at the Toronto Star, Squash Player, Skier, Golfer and Fitness Club Regular

I’m a journalist by trade. By my early 60s, four decades of sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen (and before that, a typewriter) had made me stiff and inflexible.  It was difficultfor me to finish a squash match as I would tighten up 10 minutes into it. Ditto for a round of golf. At the suggestion of a friend, I enrolled in Josette Curry’s “stretch and strength” class at my racquet club. I was skeptical at first. Like most males, I am not keen on any physical exertion where no one is keeping score.  But I was persuaded to give it a try, and I am glad I did. Josette’s classes offer a wide range of different stretching and strengthening exercises designed to keep me and others on court and on course. She is firm but not judgmental, and always has encouraging words for those of us who are trying without always succeeding. She also has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body, so every stretch or strengthening exercise is accompanied by an explanation of what muscles are in play and why. 

As a result of Josette’s instruction, I can now play a full 40-minute squash match--often against opponents one-half or even one-third my age--without feeling as if my hips are about to snap or my back is going to spasm. For the first time in my life, I also enjoyexercising regularly on my own, because I now know what muscles I am activating and why. 

I think Josette deserves consideration as “presenter of the year.”

--Ian Urquhart, former editor and columnist at The Toronto Star 

Janette Yee

Athletic Therapist 

Professionally, Josette has been an accomplished personal trainer for over six years. At Plaza Club, she is dedicated to the well being of all her clients.  This is reflected by the respect she receives from her clients via adherence to program design (i.e. working out on their own) and the enjoyment of physical activity they experience through their sessions with her (i.e. positive relationship with Josette as well as other personal trainers like myself).  Her success with her clients is also reflected in their positive physical changes, some life-altering (i.e. large weight loss; dramatic improvements in posture; improved self-esteem).  Her dedication to her profession is most evident through her desire to learn and application of new-found knowledge.  I am always impressed with books Josette has read – subject matter range from holistic nutrition to applied biomechanics – as well as her investment into continuing education courses throughout North America.  Josette’s lack of formal schooling does not prevent her from being one of the most intelligent rehabilitation specialists I know.  As a certified Athletic Therapist, I often go to Josette for ideas for my patients.

-- Janette Yee, CAT(C), ATC, CK


Ruth Armour 

Private client and S & S Group Participant

I have been working with Josette Curry for 11 years.  I basically started with no knowledge of what strength training entailed, and needed a lot of guidance, education and encouragement.  I began for vanity's sake, but my husband is quite a number of years older than I, and as time passed I realized that becoming strong and fit would be necessary for my future well being as he aged. I anticipated eventually needing to carry a heavier load taking care of him.

Unfortunately, about five years ago he developed Parkinson's Disease, just about around the time Josette was transitioning from a "no pain, no gain"  boot camp format to her kinder, gentler, Stretch and Strength approach.  Amazingly enough, I beganseeing even more significant results and improvements in my posture, strength and energy levels with this change of direction.  Also, I suffered fewer injuries.

Coincidentally, now, my husband, David, is in palliative care and we are awaiting his death.  I believe had I not been training with Josette in recent years and having benefitted from her Stretch and Strength classes I might not be as well able to cope as I am.  Her coaching and attention to the "small" details of the skeletal and muscular infrastructure of the body has created in me a solid, almost indestructible foundation, upon which to build.

This is a difficult time for me, but under the circumstances I felt it was necessary that I write this recommendation for Josette Curry.  I do not hesitate to recommend her as "Presenter of the Year".  She is totally committed to her work and her clients and has invested enormous amounts of time and energy to become the excellent trainer that she is.  She has proven herself and she deserves it.   Thank you.

Ruth Armour


Dr. David Koivuranta

Doctor Of Chiropractic 

Josette's stretch/strength program is a unique, one-of-a-kind approach to improving body function.

While other approaches may focus solely on movement, stability or strength components with some overlap in the other areas, Josette has found a way to

tie together movement patterns with stability and strength parameters that engage the body in a perfectly functional way.

It isolates and integrates components of movement and ideal position so that a person becomes more aware of their body in space.

In terms of clinical rehab involving spinal health, we've found this program and the awareness it creates for the individual invaluable, especially

when customized by Josette to each person's particular needs.

We're happy to endorse this program and recommend it for those looking to pursue long term health and wellness for their body.


Dr. David Koivuranta

Doctor of Chiropractic

Corporate Health and Wellness